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Our history

The Early Story

In 1960 under the leadership of Pastor C. D. Henry, then the pastor of Mt. Sinai S.D.A church, six laymen were empowered to the task of passing out tracts and giving bible studies in the city of Kissimmee. These men devoted the next 3 years bringing light to the area. The following men undertook the call; Jimmy Sankey, L.C. Casey, Edward Sparks, Bryant Tinsley, Roosevelt Woolfork and Ruben Simmons.

It was 1966 before the efforts of these laymen came to fruition. Six years of preparing for the ultimate clincher.

A crusade was held, the speaker C. D Henry. The effort lasted for 4 weeks. Nine souls surrendered to the call, accepted the message, and were baptized. These precious souls were V Phillips, Ruby Owens, Cora Truesdale, Doris Smith, Ruby Nell Owens, D. Phillips, Linda Phillips and Louise Owens.

For the next 3 years this work met with some difficulty. By 1969 the trail became cold. It would not be until 1974 when these laymen attempted to warm- up the cold trail with vigor and vitality. A command was given as these men of God accepted the challenge, rallied together to bring once again "light to a dark City". In February '74 they began with Bible studies and by March they were able to rent Friendship Freewill Baptist Church. The intent was to bring about more cohesiveness to the Lay Effort. Prayer meeting and Sunday night services were added at that time. With the additional services the lay Effort again proved to be fruitful as 6 more souls were baptized.

A Business meeting was held on September 8, 1974, and a decision was made to start a church. As these Lay Evangelists worked, the Holy Spirit was able to perform miracles that transformed the lives of both the laymen and the members.

By July 5, 1975 the first Sabbath day services were held. The church was then known as "The Kissimmee S.D.A. Church". The Lord blessed and new converts were added in quick succession. The Lay Effort continued and Pastor Ralph Franklin came and was now the new shepherd.

On January of 1979 the Kissimmee Church purchased two acres of land, on which we dwell presently, at a cost of $11,600.00. That same year on November 18,1979, under the leadership of District Pastor 0. H Paul, the Kissimmee Church with its 35 members was officially organized and accepted into the Sisterhood of churches in the South Atlantic Conference. It was the 119th church added to this conference. Pastor Paul recognized Elder L. C Casey, and his assistants as the fire behind the force that brought this layman's project to completion.

Mt. Zion SDA

On February 16, 1985 the church was dedicated bearing a new name The Mt. Zion Seventh-Dav-Adventist Church (the idea of Marvin Blackman). Pastor Cleveland Mair was the first official pastor. Many good men of God would continue the work in this part of the vineyard. Since the groundwork had been laid, the membership has been growing and a quest to continue the work was now the challenge. Through the years the following pastors were sent to nourish and guide our church to where it is today, Pastor R . C Parham, who served at two separate times, the late Pastor Robert Patterson, Pastor Eddie Hall, Pastor Olinto Groce, Pastor Tony Taylor, Pastor Maxwell Berkel, Pastor Lewis Edwards and presently Pastor Alex Williams who joined us in August,2019. Each one has played a significant part in our history.

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