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We endeavor to use effective means of contemporary technology and methods of communication to enhance the worship service and to reach and be an effective witness outside our church in efforts to spread the gospel so all can come to the knowledge of the truth.


Mission Statement:

Christ has called every member of the church into ministry. Technology Ministry assists the church in spreading the gospel in our local area as well as to all nations in an effective manor through the use of technology.


2007 - 2019

So we can “Go ye therefore in to the world wide web – email, post, chat, tweet, network, and stream the good news of salvation to all.

Mark 16:15 (Tech Ministries Version)


Goals and Objectives:


1. To use Technology to enhance the worship experience, broadcast Live on the internet for all to enjoy online access, to create an archive of services to make available for visitors.


2. To successfully operate and manage all A/V components of the church and be effective in making the service a pleasant visual and audible experience.


3. To effectively cross train the team members to master a variety of components in technology and to serve in these capacities when short staffed.


4. To make DVD’s and CD’s available to all sick and shut-in members free and all others who so desire for a small contribution.


5. Stay on top of the latest developments in audio and video technology – study and recommend the purchase of new audio and video equipment.  Decisions about price, warranty, and service for example, are made by this committee. Our recommendations are then forwarded to the board for approval.


6. To train our youth to use their God given talents to learn the different areas of technology and be effective in enhancing the worship service.

7. Provide for the maintenance of the equipment that makes up the church’s technology and stay on top of the changes in technology.

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